What Does an Industrial Scale Company Do?

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Business & Economics

An industrial scale company is a company that creates and sells commercial-grade weighing scales for manufacturing and processing industries. High-quality commercial-grade scales help manufacturers and processors in many ways, including reducing waste, improving quality, and increasing productivity .

What Types of Companies Use Industrial Scales?

Every industry involved in manufacturing or processing uses some type of industrial scale. Every single one. Many of the companies sell their commodities by weight, but all of them utilize scales when packing boxes, loading pallets, and calculating shipping costs. Some of these industries include food, agriculture, animal feed, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, forestry, mining, automotive, and glass, just to name a few.

What types of Industrial Scales are There?

An industrial scale company manufactures numerous types of industrial scales. There are veterinary scales that weigh cats and dogs. There are livestock scales to measure cows, llamas and alpacas. Both of these scales are made to record an average weight, since animals usually move a lot on the platform. There are also scales called automatic pig sorters, which help farmers weigh their hogs. Platform scales weigh boxes and other large items. Floor scales and drum scales are typically used in manufacturing and have a large capacity for weighing big, heavy items. Bench scales are placed on tables and are usually used for portion control or to weigh shipping boxes. Crane scales weigh items hanging from a hook. You have probably seen these types of scales in the produce section of your local supermarket. These particular crane scales are small, but there are also much larger versions. Wheelchair scales weigh wheelchair-bound people and can differentiate between the weight of the wheelchair and the weight of the person.

An industrial scale company also makes other interesting types of commercial-grade scales. Pocket scales are handheld scales that measure small items with a capacity up to 500 grams. This is useful for chemicals, food components, and materials used for making jewelry. Jewelers also have carat bench scales and analytical scales at their disposal. Laboratories also use analytical scales, which can weigh tiny components as small as a fraction of a milligram. Rain gauges measure rainfall to provide an accurate picture of current weather conditions. There are even special scales for hazardous, explosive and flammable environments.

There is virtually no limit to what an industrial scale company can measure, from extremely precise quantities of small chemicals to huge semi-trucks and aircraft. Companies who make these scales can even create custom solutions that can be integrated into the manufacturing process. One example of this is batching equipment. Batching equipment carefully weighs dozens of individual ingredients in the proper proportions and mixes them. Once mixed, these concoctions are dispensed into liquids, powders or pellets, which are usually controlled by weight.

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