What Crab Accessories do You Need to Eat Crab?

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Food & Related Products

You’ve gotten your crab delivered, all steamed and smelling great, then you realize you need a few accessories to eat it with. Of course, there are ways to eat crab without having all the nice things to eat it with, but what’s the point of crab delivery if you don’t have the niceties as well? Read on below for a few of the crab accessories you might want to purchase and include in your next crab delivery.

Crab Paper

While not a must, crab paper can certainly help with the massive cleanup when everyone is done enjoying the crabs. It’s so easy to use. Put the paper on the table, let everyone eat, and then scoop up the mess and toss in the trash. Well worth it and helps to make your crab feast a whole lot more enjoyable.

Crab Mallet

If you are a true crab lover and intend to have crabs delivered to your home on a regular basis, then a crab mallet is indeed a must. When getting the meat out of a hard-shell crab, don’t hit it too hard with your mallet, you don’t want to crush it. Just smack it hard enough to ensure that you can peel it back and get to the succulent meat inside.

Crab Cookbook

There are so many different things that you can do with crab that you can’t name just one. You don’t want to constantly be looking online for different crab recipes, so why not buy a crab cookbook instead. It can be put in with your crab delivery and ready to go as soon as you are.

Remember, crab delivery is an excellent way to always have the crabs that you love, fresh, and on hand. The accessories will make the crab eating experience even better. To set up crab delivery for your family, contact Harbour House Crabs for more.

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