What Citizens Need To Know About Health Care Insurance In Fort Pierce

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Insurance

People need to know that shopping for Health Care Insurance in Fort Pierce is different since the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are three kinds of purchased health insurance plans that an individual can have under the ACA. These plans are qualified health plans, major medical plans, and catastrophic plans. Catastrophic plans are currently only an option for people who are below the age of 30. These plans usually only have the minimum level of benefits that are permitted under the ACA. These plans do help to avoid paying any tax penalties for not carrying insurance. Catastrophic plans can’t be bought with any subsidy from the government.

When it comes to Health Care Insurance in Fort Pierce, major medical plans are perfect for those who either don’t desire a subsidy or don’t meet the qualifications for one. These plans also help to avoid any tax penalties for not being covered. Qualified health plans are usually for those who either desire to use a subsidy from the government or qualify for one. It should be noted that qualified plans can also be purchased without subsidies. These plans can be purchased privately through A Better Solution Insurance Services or another similar insurance company. They can also be purchased through government exchanges in some states. As with the other two plans, qualified health plans can help avoid tax penalties.

People who are shopping for health insurance need to know other things besides the basic plans. They should understand the tax penalties for going without health insurance. Penalties in 2015 are set at $325 for individuals unless 2% of taxable income is higher. For families, it is $975 unless 2% of taxable income exceeds that. The penalties were increased from what they were in 2014. An individual also needs to know when the open enrollment period begins and ends.

Understanding the real cost of any coverage is important. It’s not only the premium an individual should be concerned with. Cost-sharing has to be taken into consideration too. Things that are considered cost-sharing are deductibles and co-payments. Higher deductibles will usually result in lower premiums. Although some think lower premiums are attractive, they have to be aware of how much money they might have to spend if they ever get seriously injured or sick. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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