Ensure Freely Flowing Sewer Lines With Quality Drain Cleaning in Edmond

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Air Conditioning

Sewer drains exist in practically every home and generally function very well, but few people have knowledge in drainage systems or how to handle a problem. For instance, many homeowners don’t realize that the P-traps should be frequently cleaned to avoid a blockage in the sink drains from food, hair or other debris. The P-trap or pipe trap is the odd shaped pipes that are under the sink and tend to be connected close to the drain. Their primary function is to prevent the return of sewer gases into the home.

The P-trap works by holding a bit of water in the crook of the trap which prevents the transfer of air or other gases back into the home. Unfortunately, those curves can collect and hold other things such as dirt, food or even jewelry. An expert in Drain Cleaning in Edmond can fix the problem by removing the trap and anything stuck inside.

Another potential drain problem is the main sewer pipe outside the home. A sewer system is a low flow environment. This means that the liquid isn’t under constant pressure so the waste matter may move slowly for extended periods of time. This allows the solid muck inside the pipe to stick to the walls or along those areas that might block their movement. There are different ways that Drain Cleaning in Edmond can handle the problem depending on its severity.

The simplest way to fix a clog in the primary drain system is with a rooter or pipe snake. This is a long, flexible cable designed to fit through the curves that a sewer line might have. Attached to the cable is an auger which is used to pierce any blockage. If it seems that the clog is fairly severe, then the plumber may suggest a video exploration. This is a similar tool with an attached camera which helps to examine the problem or look for other possible issues.

The other method for eliminating a clog in the main sewer is a high-pressure cleaning system, sometimes called a hydro-vac. This method of cleaning can restore the pipe to like new condition and will often prevent sewer clogs for many years. If your home is suffering drainage problems or has the need for an expert plumber, be sure to contact the specialist at Excel Mechanical Plumbing Heating & Air.

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