Uses for a Portable Fan in Your Car

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Cooling System

Portable fans, as far as cars are concerned at least, are considered superfluous at best. The general consensus seems to be that you have up to 6 fans in your car already that you could be using, so why have one extra just because it can go anywhere in the car? This article seeks to definitively answer this concern with a set of true uses for your portable fan. So, if you’re looking into portable fans for cars, here are just some of the many versatile uses that your portable fan will have on a road trip.

#1. Cool your dog

When taking your dog on the road with you, while in motion, your dog will be more than content to just stick their face out the window and let mother nature provide the AC. However, if you have to leave them in the car for whatever reason, be it shopping in a place that doesn’t allow pets, or eating in a restaurant with similar prejudices, they have no such air. They don’t even have the air from the fans if you leave the car off. This, as you can no doubt surmise, poses something of a problem. Fortunately, a portable fan can keep running even after the car is turned off, keeping your pup nice and refreshed until you come back for more driving.

#2. Cool your baby

Sometimes the car fan just isn’t enough for a fussy baby, especially on a particularly hot day. And the wind coming from outside might be a bit strong for them, particularly if it’s allergy season and your baby is allergic to pollen. A portable fan can be put on lighter settings, however, and can be put right in front of your baby’s face for maximum coolness. This way your baby remains cool and happy on those sweltering hot summer days.

#3. Cool your toes

Sometimes the air just doesn’t go down as far as you need it to. If it’s especially hot that day and the lower fans just won’t cut it like you need them to, a portable fan can provide a nice cool breeze between your toes. Perfect for the early minutes of driving on a hot day, when your car has been sitting out in the sun for hours beforehand and you need to cool off yesterday.
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