Refrigeration Systems Accessories, Buy Them in California

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Business

Without functional components and accessories, a commercial refrigerator is little more than a large room kept at a prescribed cool temperature. Refrigeration systems accessories can reduce the cost of energy and improve profitability. Various accessories can and should be included in any modern commercial refrigeration system.

Controllers – Control equipment performs important functions. Various equipment controls the temperature in the room as well as optimizing the defrost cycles.

Lighting – No commercial refrigerator is complete without effective lighting. Many commercial refrigerators have a high ceiling to allow for maximum storage. In cases like this, a high lumen high bay fixture is ideal. These units are IP 65 rated, are easy to install and maintain and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. LED vapor tight and vapor proof lamps are available. A typical 36-watt vapor tight unit is made to IP 65 standards and fits snugly against the ceiling. Vapor proof units can operate in temperatures as low as minus 40F and exceed the Federal Energy Act demands.

Strip Curtains – Strip curtains control temperature between areas. They are also an effective barrier to rain, dust, and noise. When employed in a temperature-controlled environment, plastic strip curtains are an effective way to reduce the consumption of expensive energy.

Evaporator Pans – Not every cold room has a drain line to eliminate water from condensation. In this case, a stainless-steel condensate pan is installed. These pans evaporate accumulated water using an immersion heater. They are available in sizes up to 24 gallons of condensed water every 24 hours.

Alarm Systems – To function efficiently and effectively, refrigerated rooms must be closed off and the temperature maintained. Alarm systems are the ideal way to advise operators that a door is ajar or there has been a power failure. Alarm systems save energy, maintains product integrity and lowers maintenance costs.

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