Unique Diamond Rings to Make Any Engagement Awesome

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Business & Economics

Ah, to propose! Can there be anything more romantic—and sometimes cheesy? Hollywood has immortalized these sublime moments of vulnerability and realization. YouTube has popularized it and sparked a wave of creativity, and today, every man looking to take the next step in their relationships will tell you that preparing for a marriage proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences they can experience.

A major part of that, apart from deciding to do it, is picking out the perfect engagement ring. Get it right and you’ll feel like you’ve scored the jackpot. Get it wrong and chances are that you will not soon forget it. So, what can be simpler than picking out a beautiful ring from a selection of many unique diamond rings? A lot—for a guy. Because guys tend to live relatively simple lives. Especially when it comes to fashion and accessories: if it fits and looks good, it’s good to go.

So it’s understandable that for a guy picking out one among many unique diamond rings to be faced with a rather heavy dilemma. But, in reality, picking out the right ring is easier than most people think if you’re able to pare down and ask yourself the right questions.

Materials—Gold, Silver or Platinum?

There’s really only one question that needs to be asked from the get-go: what can you afford? That usually narrows down the selection, with silver being the most affordable and platinum being the costliest. This is an important question to ask because you might immediately associate beauty with the quality of the ring material. While that’s true on a certain level, the average person won’t really be able to tell which is which on the surface.

Silver is also a good choice aesthetically because the shiny neutrality will match any get-up that your lady might favor. And it still looks nice on her finger, nice enough to be shown off. However, if you would like to have a truly lasting good-quality diamond ring, go for gold and platinum settings. The settings don’t change and often their value appreciates over time, as long as your partner maintains and cleans her jewelry.

Cuts, Clarity and Karats—a Numbers Game?

Again, here’s where good marketing comes in. While it’s true that higher rated diamond are in fact better, only the most scrutinizing of her friends will be able to tell unique diamond rings from total washouts. That’s not to say you go cheap and nab a cubic zirconia, but that you really need not feel too pressured to go for the tops as it is difficult for anyone to tell the difference on sight.

Cuts are a better consideration as they allow for truly unique expressions that may perhaps better reflect the character of your relationship. For instance, perhaps you can get your more quirky and fun-loving fiancé-to-be a diamond cut in a heart shape. Or even a bigger oblong cut for those who are more fashion-conscious. The options that custom cutting allow make it more worthwhile than worrying over karats.

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