Things That Can Prohibit a Prospective Employee From Getting Security Clearance

by | Sep 6, 2017 | Employment Agency

Landing a big government contract is a great way for a business to make a lot of money. When working on these types of jobs, a business owner and their employees will need to get approved for security clearances. If you are in the process of hiring new employees, then using security clearance services is a must. These professionals will be able to run all of the background checks needed to get this type of clearance. Below are some of the things that may prohibit a new employee from getting approved for one of the security clearances.

Financial Problems Can Lead to Denial

One of the first things security clearance services will check is a person’s financial situation. By looking at a prospective employee’s credit score and payment history, a professional can tell a lot about their character. If a person has a lot of unpaid debt or is delinquent on a number of accounts, it may cause problems with their security clearance approval. While this type of issue may not prohibit a person from landing a good job, it is a factor considered by the government when issuing these clearances.

A History of Arrests and Convictions

The next thing security clearance services will check during this process is a person’s criminal history. Usually, if a person has prior arrests and convictions on their record, it will lead to them being denied clearance. In some cases, the type of offense a person has been charged with will play a large role in the outcome of this process. If the charges a person has are considered non-violent, they may be able to get approved if enough time has gone by.

When trying to have success with this process, hiring security clearance services is a great way to avoid mistakes and get the answers needed about a prospective employee.

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