The Latest Trend is Gummy Bear Breast Implants in New York

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Business & Economics

America is slowly catching up to the rest of the world when it comes to breast augmentation. We are finally learning that other countries have better implants. Gummy Bear breast implants are the safest and most natural implant on the market. Dr. Fiorillo has an advanced plastic surgery center in New York and is a highly sought after surgeon offering these implants. Find out what all the buzz is about and why celebrities are flying in to get their Gummy Bear breast implants in New York.

Experience Matters when Choosing Your Doctor

Women from all over the country have gotten Gummy Bear breast implants in New York. Gummy Bears are the latest technology available for augmentation. TV stars and celebrities have chosen Dr. Fiorillo, who has 16 years in the industry and has performed over 3,000 implant surgeries. He has been chosen by Sientra, the company that created Gummy Bears, as one of four doctors to train other doctors on the Gummy Bear procedures. He is a double board certified plastic surgeon and has appeared on The View, Fox News and other television shows. He is a world-renowned surgeon and highly sought after in New York. Women fly from all over the country for his service because of his experience and strong reputation.

What They Are Made Of

Gummy Bear breast implants in New York are a new technology. Gummy Bear breast implants are made of silicon, but the difference between this type and other silicone implants is that the substance is cohesive and has a uniform texture throughout so it is not susceptible to ruptures, ripples or leaks. This reduces the complications associated with the surgery. There are also breast implants made of saline which come in a bag. This type of implant does not have a natural shape and has a higher risk of rupture. The natural feel of the cohesive silicone is soft, like real breast tissue. This safe substance is popular because it reduces the risk of complications, which is 3-5%. It is important to do research about which type of material you use for your breast augmentation and find reputable doctors with excellent ratings and referrals.

What Makes Them Better

Gummy Bear implants are the newest generation of breast augmentation. The silicon is also shaped to fit your body type, so your breasts will have a more natural appearance. The shapes are sloped and allow your breasts to look as natural as possible. Given that women have many different body types, the different sizes and shapes that Gummy Bear breast implants in New York offers will finally allow women to get more natural looking implants.

Gummy Bear breast implants are FDA approved, they have more longevity due to lower risk of complications, and they are great for women who have undergone surgery for cancer. Whether you need corrective or cosmetic surgery, this is the safest option available. It is the most natural looking and feeling option, as well.

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