The Benefits of Using Salt Free Water Conditioners

Traditional water softeners may work effectively at softening hard water in homes and buildings, but there are many down sides to using them. Today we bring you a quality alternative to these traditional hard water treatment methods which can be more beneficial to your health, your home, your budget, and the environment.

The Benefits of Salt Free Water Conditioners

ScaleBlaster is our salt free water conditioners which uses electronic waves to soften your water by changing the physical properties of calcium so that it will no longer be able to adhere to the surfaces of pipes and appliances. The benefits of using salt free water conditioners are many:

1. You are making an affordable, one-time investment as opposed to keeping up with costly maintenance charges and needing to buy harsh chemical cleaning agents to remove build up.

2. ScaleBlaster has a lifespan of 20-25 years, which is 2-3 times longer than traditional water softeners, and it never requires maintenance.

3. It is a compact, computerized system that mounts right onto a wall. Installation is easy, unlike traditional water softening systems which take up a lot of floor space.

4. ScaleBlaster requires no salt or harmful chemicals which means that you will not have to continuously purchase salt to keep up with the system, not to mention your water will be safe for people who are on salt restricted diets.

5. While traditional methods hike up water and sewage bills because they have to use a lot of extra water to function properly, ScaleBlaster does not require additional water usage. This helps your budget and the environment.

6. The massive amounts of salt used in traditional water softeners lead to discharges of chloride into waste streams. Since salt free water conditioners do not require the use of salt or other chemicals, they are environmentally friendly.

7. Compared with traditional water softeners, ScaleBlaster will leave your skin feeling softer and your water feeling silky instead of slippery.

8. With other water conditioners, removing soap suds when washing dishes or clothing is difficult. Clothing is usually left with a dingy tint because of this. With ScaleBlaster, soap suds wash away easy, saving you from buying more soap and keeping your clothes in good condition longer.

How to Find Salt Free Water Conditioners

We have made ScaleBlaster available through over 600 major dealers, wholesalers, and retailers nationwide, including Home Depot. Our state-of-the-art electronic descaling system is designed to be used in commercial and industrial applications as well as residential. With many different models to choose from, you are certain to find the perfect match for your requirements. We provide a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as a warranty upon purchase with every ScaleBlaster system. With all the benefits of salt free water conditioners, you are sure to be satisfied.

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