Selecting Unilock Pavers in Connecticut

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Landscape pavers are an excellent choice of material for commercial and residential hardscaping applications. Driveways, sidewalks, patio areas, swimming pool decks and golf cart paths are all excellent choices for the use of paver. Brick and concrete pavers come in all shapes, colors, styles, and designs. Stone suppliers sell pavers, stone and hardscaping materials of varying quality, and it behooves the consumer to recognize a supplier offering quality products. Higher quality materials generally last longer and keep up their appearance compared to a lesser grade material.

Varieties of Pavers Offered

Brick or concrete pavers come in many colors and styles. A first-class supplier understands that pavers are used for a variety of applications and that there is a style to fit anyone’s needs and personal tastes. In addition to the standard choices of clay or concrete pavers, a high-quality stone supplier will also offer granite, marble, bluestone, fieldstone and Unilock Pavers in Connecticut.

Design Advice

A high-quality paver supplier brings to the table an in-depth knowledge of design, layout, and construction. You do not want the pavers shifting or developing gaps in years to come. Professional installation ensures that the soil is adequately prepared for the pavers. Whether for commercial or residential use, a quality stone supplier is able to recommend which paver choice is best suited for a particular project. They will also provide information on installation and maintenance.


One of the best indicators of quality in a stone supplier is experience in the field. A supplier that readily shares their completed projects with you or offers a list of past and current clientele is worthy of a closer look. Stone suppliers like website, that sell brand name pavers and bricks, have most likely attended training classes and are certified to install complex paver designs.

Unilock Pavers in Connecticut are low-maintenance and can withstand years of abuse, foot, and vehicle traffic and will last for generations. In addition, Unilock pavers and interlocking pavers are tolerant of expansion and tightening, without cracking like poured concrete or stamped brick. Pavers are easily repaired by lifting the damaged paver, preparing the base and re-installing the paver.

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