Advertise with Ease Using Vinyl Stickers

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Business

There is a great way to advertise your business that helps you be versatile as well as creative. Have you ever thought of advertising with digital vinyl stickers from a Toronto sign company such as Corporate Signs Inc.? You may even be wondering what exactly are vinyl stickers? Imagine a roll of vinyl that has specific information and designs printed on it that can be applied to a mounting surface. Your entire graphic, images and letters are printed via inkjet printers on vinyl rolls, or as individual graphic images and letters can be cut out as vinyl stickers using a CNC plotter cutting machine.

How Vinyl Stickers Work

Individual vinyl stickers are held in place using a mounting surface such as waxed bonding paper that can be applied to a truck body or glass. Vinyl stickers are a preferred advertising method that is low in cost, easy to install and durable. You also have the ability to precisely match colors and designs via digital printing. A vinyl cut sticker will last up to five years. There are actually many options and design elements that can be used for vinyl stickers including reverse printing on clear vinyl, printing on opaque vinyl as well as printing on perforated vinyl along with gloss lamination.

Versatile Vinyl Stickers Help Promote Your Business

Vinyl stickers are versatile and can be used on doors, in windows, on vehicles and many other locations perfect for retail stores. Use them to promote new products and sales or depict a service entrance or location for your business. They can also be used to convey special instructions for equipment, as safety reminders and for labeling your products. Digital vinyl stickers are created using your logo and will convey your brand whether you choose to use them inside or outside of your business.

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