The 3 Main Advantages of Using Natural Stone Veneer

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Business

Besides the beauty of natural stone veneer there are some key benefits for opting this type of finish. Stone veneer is available in a full range of colors, textures and stones. They can be used for exterior applications, counters, interior walls and other areas where stone would add texture and design.

Stone veneer has some clear advantages of other stone facing options that can provide a great look for a host of areas around both residential and commercial properties.

The Advantages

Stone is a very popular look in home design. It is actually a timeless design that never goes out of style but stone has a few very serious disadvantages it is expensive, very heavy and not that easy to secure which is why natural stone veneer has been a long time favorite of builders, designers and architects. You get all of the beauty of the stone without any of the headaches that are associated with stone.

There are very clear advantages to choosing stone veneer like:

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easier to install
  • Less expensive

Stone can be very difficult to manage because of its weight. Using stone on counters and in other applications typically requires that special bracing be in place, which of course drives up cost. The cost of the stone itself can be phenomenal because the best looking stone often has to be imported. Natural stone veneer is available in a wide range of finishes that look stunningly like natural stone but they are readily available and less expensive.

Don’t be fooled by all the talk about veneer being lightweight! It is lighter than other stone options, and easier to maneuver and install but that does not affect its durability. You can be 100% confident that this type of stone will stand up to years of exposure to weather and use.

Low maintenance can also be added to the list. Unlike stone that requires masonry work to keep it in good condition natural stone veneer does not require that it be repointed and have other maintenance activities done every couple of years. Stone can be finicky like any natural material but natural stone veneer is set once and good to go.

Stone veneer is the ideal solution in so many cases whether it is to add an area of interest to your commercial property or to redo a bathroom at home you can take advantage of this material and get a look that you will love.

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