Replacement Stove Parts Make Repairs Easy!

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Fire and Security

The right replacement stove parts will make stove repairs easy. Of course you have to be able to find the right parts that are made especially for your model. Finding the right replacement parts really depends heavily on the supplier that you purchase the parts from. Fixing a stove can save you quite a bit of money but a lot of people wind up having to chuck their stove and buying new because they are not aware that they can find replacement parts that are made especially for their stove.

Most Popular Parts

Some parts on your wood stove are more likely going to have to be replaced at some point in the life of the stove. Of course some parts you will want to change out just to ensure a good maintenance routine. The right supplier will have ALL the parts that you need.

For Maintenance Activities:

  • Door gasket
  • Fire Bricks

You will absolutely have to change out the door gasket at one point or another. Either it will show signs of wear or it will start to fail. As part of your wood stove maintenance you should normally replace the gasket every year after the season. The right replacement stove parts will make it easy to ensure a tight seal with a perfectly fitted gasket.

You may have to change out your fire bricks a couple of times a season if you use your stove to that extent. Fire bricks keep your steel from getting too hot.

For Repairs:

As you can imagine there are a few parts that are far more likely to give out than others. Replacement is easy when you have access to parts that fit right:

  • Glass
  • Baffles
  • Air Tubes
  • Steel parts that are warped

Door glass is one of the most likely replacement stove parts that are needed. The glass on wood stove doors is very durable but they often run into outside forces that can break the glass.

Baffles also can fail; in the less expensive stoves the baffles cannot be replaced which leaves them rendered useless but in better made stoves you can easily change out the baffle. Of course the right replacement stove parts are necessary.

Air tubes that are at the top of the stove often bend and have to be replaced. You may even run into some steel parts that have to be replaced because they have become warped from the heat.

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