Stripping and Cleaning Made Easy through Sand Blasting

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Business & Economics

If you’re looking for an alternative to harsh chemicals and expensive cleaning equipment, consider the benefits of sand blasting. With the proper equipment, plastic media is extremely effective when it comes to removing unwanted surface coatings and materials, such as paint, mold, dirt, wax, barnacles, etc. Few surfaces are too delicate or too strong for abrasive blasting media. To find the ideal media for your application, trust a knowledgeable supplier to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Your Choice of Media
There are different types of plastic media to choose from, such as T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic. Each of these blasting products has its own set of recommended usages, and delivers different levels of stripping and cleaning strength. Of the three, T-3 is the most aggressive and is used on hard surfaces and stubborn materials. T-2 is the most flexible, and can be used on moderately soft or hard surfaces for paint stripping, coating removal, adhesive removal, and much more. With a Barcol Hardness of 46-54, T-5 is the least abrasive and ideal for more delicate components.

Assortment of Uses
sand blasting is perfect for an endless list of applications and projects in a variety of industries. You can find the appropriate hard abrasive for your task through a reputable company. They’ll suggest the correct media or blend of media for everything from paint and anti-corrosion coating stripping, to wax and oil removal, to mold and hydrocarbon deposit removal, to fiberglass and aluminum cleaning. After you’re finished with your project, you’ll also have the option of reusing your media for improved cost-effectiveness.

What to Look for in a Supplier
The quality of plastic blast media depends on the reputability of the supplier you purchase from. The right company will supply Mil Spec-approved media that’s quality-tested, reasonably-priced, and promptly shipped. Also, eco-friendly companies that offer recycling programs for media are always a plus. It’s also helpful to search for a company that’s dedicated to providing excellent customer service. If you’re unfamiliar with sand blasting, you probably have a few questions and concerns about the process. Seasoned professionals can offer suggestions and tips on how to get the greatest value for your dollar.

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