Spiral Binding: Chicago Businesses Need This Service!

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Business & Economics

OK. Chicago style pizza really tastes better than almost anything, but spiral binding really is a more practical and useful thing! Now that we’ve got your attention, we’re going to talk about the kind of useful projects that businesses and other organizations can make better with spiral binding. Chicago businesses can definitely benefit from this useful binding method.

Businesses have long been using this method of binding instruction manuals, catalogs, reference guides and policy notebooks. Using this type of binding is a practical way to effectively and affordable bind all sorts of materials. Because wire and plastic binding provide a lay flat book package, these methods are preferred for reference and policy materials as well as sales proposals. This space saving format can either fold over or provide a two page alignment. You probably remember the spiral notebooks you got when you were in school. This is a simple example of what spiral binding, both plastic and wire, are like. Businesses love the practicality of this type of bindery for both products that stay in house and for those that are mailed out to customers or contracted employees.

Many schools will put together handbooks and other materials for students using this bindery method. Teachers have also found it extremely useful. Lesson plans that used to get scattered when using three ring binders are now organized and in one neat place year after year. Some teachers who choose to put homework assignments in their lesson plans can easily copy them for their students with the lay flat method of the spiral.

Non-profit organizations, churches, political campaigns and fund-raising organizations can all benefit from the affordable spiral binding way of making a presentation or package look its best. When out fund raising or pitching ideas and looking for support, presenting a bound plan can make your ideas stand out. Everything has a professional flare to it and gives your organization a polished and professional appearance. That’s the first step to being taken seriously in whatever your goal is – from fundraising to membership drives to public awareness campaigns.

You can find a bindery that will serve your needs in an affordable way, whether you’re part of a Fortune 500 Company, a small business or a non-profit looking for support.

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