Protecting Trees on a Property With an Arborist in St. Paul, MN

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Plants and Trees

Trees are a beautiful part of nature. Despite that, a tree may not be suitable to stay on a landscape. An arborist in St. Paul MN, is trained to cut trees down in a systematic way that won’t harm anything else on the land. There are a few reasons why tree removal on a property might be necessary. Sometimes, a tree grows in an awkward way that can be dangerous to the property and people that spend time outdoors near the tree. The structural integrity may be weakened. In that condition, the tree is at higher risk of collapsing in harsh weather. Diseased trees that are beyond salvaging need to be removed.

Tree removal should only be done by a certified Arborist in St. Paul MN. There are certain safety procedures to follow, and inexpert attempts can be perilous and even cause fatalities. After the cut down is finished, a tree stump and debris are left over. The stump can be dangerous to people walking on the property and create an unappealing view. Tree stumps can also become a perfect habitat for termites, bees and wasps. A complete stump grinding job is done to restore the beauty of the lawn.
The beautiful trees that add to the value of a property need grooming and maintenance every now and then. Mature shade trees can be supplemented with cabling for added stability. The barely visible cables provide an even distribution of weight and are a deterrent to lightning strikes. Cabling and bracing tall, mature trees safeguards them during inclement weather. It’s constructed of steel cables that reduce stresses and supports the primary limbs of the tree. Trees can be overwhelmed with stress during heavy snowfall, with ice, and from strong winds.

In the event a big storm destroys a tree, quick response emergency service is accessible. A tree can be quickly and safely removed if it has fallen on an object or building. Trees that are leaning and on the verge of falling are put in a position that returns that area of the land to safe conditions. Tree trimming and pruning is a grooming service that is beneficial to the health and aesthetic appearance of trees. Vitality is sustained by removing limbs that disrupt the balance of the tree and obstruct healthy limbs. Tree trimming and pruning add value and beauty to any well-kept yard.

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