Protect Your Household from Fire – Install Smoke Alarms

Everyone wants to do what they can to protect their household from the fire. Installing smoke alarms is the best way to do so. There are numerous types available on the market, making it easy to find the perfect one for your purposes. It is also important to be familiar with placement and maintenance, to ensure you stay safe.

Fire Detector Placement

Most homes need more than one detector to for optimal safety. Safety experts agree that you should have at least one detector per floor, and an extra one in your kitchen. If you have fireplaces that use open flames for heat or aesthetics, you should consider installing a detector in that room as well. Even if your home is all on one level, you should have at least two detectors: one covering the main part of your home and a second for the kitchen.


Equally as important as buying a high-quality device is knowing how to properly care for it. All detectors must have maintenance performed on a regular basis. Those who have battery operated devices should check the battery life once every six months. You should also replace your battery once a year, even if it is still working, to ensure continued safety. Wired devices also need to be often examined, to be sure that the backup battery and all electrical components still work.

Buying Tips

When you are shopping for your detectors, keep the layout of your home in mind. You should also think about other features that might be useful for your family, such as the presence of an escape light or the ability to respond to voice commands.

Protecting your household from the fire does not need to be difficult or stressful. To keep your whole family safe, purchase your household smoke alarms from First Alert by visiting them online.

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