Are You Looking for Smoke Detectors, Purchase Wired One’s Today

Every home should have smoke detectors to protect yourself and your family from fire. However, you’ve got seemingly endless choices available to you. Most people aren’t even aware of the different styles. You can find standard options, smart versions, and battery-operated or wired ones. While the argument of which is better rages on, most people now believe that hardwired alarm systems are much better and safer.

No Batteries

Of course, most wired smoke detectors have battery backup, but you don’t have to rely on batteries as frequently. The smoke alarm won’t chirp annoyingly when it’s losing power because it gets a steady supply from your home’s power source. If your home has a generator or you decide to have one installed, you never have to worry about the power going out or using batteries.

However, it should be noted that you should check the batteries regularly to ensure that they are capable of working if the power fails. Along with such, you should change the batteries every six months or so.


While not all hardwired alarms have this function, you can choose smoke detectors that interconnect with each other. When one wired alarm goes off in one area of the home, it signals the other alarms throughout the home. Smaller homes may not require such features, but a large house with multiple stories can. If the fire starts in the basement, it could rage until it’s unsafe to get out through the front or back door. However, with interconnectivity, all alarms start sounding soon after, alerting you whether you’re in the attic or on the first floor.

Smoke detectors are designed to save your life if there is a fire. Visit First Alert to see what products are wired and their features.

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