Plantar Fascia: How Podiatrists in Edison NJ Can Help

by | May 25, 2015 | Business & Economics

The plantar fascia, which is the tissue that extends specifically from the heel to where the toes start, has the function to maintain the curvature of your foot and cushion the impact produced by the action of walking and other activities. However, when this part of the foot is subject to continuous tears, it may end up inflamed and irritated, causing plantar fasciitis. It is important to know what the symptoms of plantar fasciitis are so you should consult Podiatrists in Edison NJ as soon as possible and start the appropriate treatment.

The main symptom of plantar fasciitis is pain and stiffness that appears at the bottom of the heel. This pain can be quite severe and acute, and it may be accompanied by a burning sensation or discomfort along the entire arch. It should be stressed that the pain that causes plantar fasciitis usually becomes much more intense and that means performing certain daily activities are harder than normal. These activities consist of things like:

* Taking the first steps in the morning after just waking up;

* Walking after you have been at rest for a long time;

* Standing for long amounts of time;

* After exercise or physical activity;

* Climbing stairs; and

* Walking barefoot or in shoes that provide poor support.

Besides the sharp pain, you can also experience other symptoms like tenderness and swelling of the affected area. The result of this inflammatory process may involve edema causing a redness and burning sensation covering both the heel and the entire planting area. In turn, as noted above, these diseases also increase the possibility of feeling excessive tension and rigidity in the entire limb. If you experience any of these issues, it is a must that you seek care from your local Podiatrists in Edison NJ.

It will be essential to turn to your doctor as soon as possible for an exhaustive examination, as the pain caused by this condition, if not treated properly, can be aggravated even affecting the ankle and even toes. In addition to the prescribed medical treatment, you can implement some additional measures to help you speed up the healing process of plantar fasciitis. To learn more about this, visit website.

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