Paintless Dent Repair: 4 Pointers to Follow

Is your car banged up a lot? That could be because you’re always running into trash cans or because you live in a place that regularly sees more than its fair share of hail storm. Everyone knows, where hail storms fall, dents and dings always follow. Want to know how you can make those dents go away with paintless dent repair? Here are a few things you need to know, says CarsLoveToKnow:

  1. It requires specialized tools and skills. Paintless dent repair or PDR isn’t just any type of autobody repair, it’s a specialized service, requiring technicians to use special tools as well as techniques to make dents disappear.
  2. These skills can be learned and acquired, though. So if you want to learn, you’ll need to invest in tools, get into a lot of trial and error, read up on the necessary knowledge and lastly, have a great deal of patience. Some minor dent jobs require as much as two hours, minimum, to set to rights.
  3. Know your dents. If you decide to go through with this, then you’ll need to be on familiar ground with dents. Teach yourself to tell apart different kinds of dents. However, while experts say that 80 to 90 percent of all dents can be resolved through PDR, that also means that it won’t work on the other 10 percent. Here are some of these non-PDR problems:
    1. Deep dents. If it’s too deep, making the metal to get back into its original shape might be impossible, at least without dealing damage to the paint. So you’ll need to paint over it anyway.
    2. Dents and creases. Also known as chewing up the metal or pizza-ing it, creases in your dents are nearly impossible to work out. Good news is, you can stop this from happening if you pop out the dent properly the first time around. If you pickle it though, if you hit that spot all over instead of trying to lift out the dent, you’ll end up with a crease.
    3. Old car. If you’re driving a classic or one that’s older than a 1990 make and model, then it’s likely that PDR won’t work. Any attempt to repair the dent will end up damaging the old paint on your ride.
  4. Hire a specialist. If you haven’t the time, tools or patience to learn all these, though, go the easy route. Hire a paintless dent repair specialist instead in Denver instead. That’s the best option you have, especially if you want a fast and convenient solution.
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