Upgrading To New Mercedes Rims

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Automotive

Regardless of the year and model of Mercedes you drive, you can add to the overall look and driving experience by choosing the right Mercedes rims and tires. There is a wide range of different looks possible, and with a variety of classic and very modern designs you can create just the match to a vehicle you are looking for.

When upgrading to new Mercedes rims there are a few important factors to keep in mind. You can choose the more classic look in chrome or go with a matte black finish on a staggered rim that looks amazing and really adds to the overall appearance of the vehicle.

However, looks aren’t the only thing to consider with Mercedes rims. You will also need to know the model and year of the vehicle as well as the size of the current rims. There is a limit to how far off of the original size you can move to create a look, so shop based on the vehicle model to get the right size.

Colors and Features

There are different options in Mercedes rims both in the design features as well as in the actual material of the rims. The silver look to the rims is iconic and provides a bit of flash without the maintenance requirements of a highly reflective option.

Another consideration for a lower maintenance choice in Mercedes rims is a glass or a flat black look, which is more understated but still stands out on the vehicle. Titanium wheels in a bronze color are a great match for many colors of vehicles, and they are also a lower maintenance option when it comes to keeping them looking clean and new.

For that look of flash, chrome is still the best option. A silver face with a chrome lip gives that reflective look of movement when the wheels are turning but also that rich, luxurious look of silver that is impossible to mistake. Neon colors and accents on the lip or the interior face and spoke design make for a very sporty look.


With aftermarket types of Mercedes rims, you will have no trouble in finding several designs and styles that match your preferences. There are simple and elegant six spoke types of designs to the elaborate look of the multiple spokes and internal design features that add depth and intrigue to the wheels.

With a good range of prices, colors, styles, and features, there are literally hundreds of Mercedes rims to choose from for any vehicle. Take your time and compare both designs and prices to get the right match for your needs.

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