Off Base Military Apartments in Imperial Beach

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Business

Many military members find that living off base is a lot better for them. Finding military apartments in Imperial beach that allow for an easy commute and a little peace and quiet can do wonders for stress relief. Many members find that living on base is just too much stress. You work all day and then you must live in the same space with tough rules to follow and it seems like you never really can get away from your job. Besides, the waiting list for on base military housing can be long.

Live Off Base

Living off base gives you an opportunity to get away from it all. Once you get home to your apartment you can kick back and relax and not worry about work for a while. There are some military apartments in Imperial Beach that offer fully furnished apartments so all you do is show up and bring your personal items and you are ready to move in.

Fully Furnished Means Easy Moves

Whether you are here are temporary orders or you are here as permanent party, you never know when Uncle Sam is going to do a little shuffling of personnel and you must shove off in a jiffy. Renting a fully furnished apartment gives you:

  • All the comforts of home
  • All the flexibility of a hotel

With the right apartment, you can have that resort lifestyle and the comfort of a place to call your own. Fully furnished means you can move in quickly and move out quickly.  Your utilities are taken care of in the rent so you do not have to worry about added expenses. Foxwood Apartments is a great place to call home and they offer special Naval Personnel discounts. Live off base and relax at Foxwood Apartments.

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