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by | Jun 9, 2016 | Business

If you’re looking to make a career change to a vibrant and growing sector, or simply want to improve your skills, RSquare Edge offers a certified data science course that will prepare you for a competitive marketplace. You’ll train under highly skilled instructors and teachers. Our primary goal is to strike a balance between honing your technical skills and refining your business knowledge, so that you can operate in a highly paid section of the employment market that values fresh graduates with a cross-directional skill matrix.

Our data science course features teachers and lecturers that have worked in some of the most respected and well-known global companies, including IBM, American Express and the New York Times. This means that they can offer a vast range of insights into the world today, and into how progressive businesses operate at the forefront of technological change and data analysis to discover trends and predict customer behavior.

Making a Career Switch Today

Finding a rewarding career in this day and age is about more than simply handing over your resume and hoping for the best. In order to be noticed, you need to offer potential employers a specific set of skills that are not only highly sought after, but also make you indispensable to their business. We believe that the best training doesn’t just offer a bullet point list of skills, but also trains the mind to think laterally, critically and analytically.

Data science is not just about collecting numbers in a database and saving them on a hard drive. Data analytics professionals and data scientists must be able to look at data and locate trends. This information serves the greater interests of the business and results in more efficient predictive models and changes to the business. A well-trained data science graduate offers any business an edge.

A Great Life Change

Training with RSquare Edge is not just about a career change; it is also about a major life change! Where other employment sectors have dipped since the global financial crisis, the information technology and data sciences sector has actually grown. Companies seeking fresh graduates with the sorts of skills that our CDAP course offers are willing to pay six-figure salaries. That’s more than a rewarding career; that’s a major life change for most people!

A twelve-week intensive CDAP course at RSquare Edge will set you up with the skills and analytical training necessary to thrive in the new economy and really make a difference. If you’re looking for an innovative Data Science Course in New York, look no further than our offerings.

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