How to Get the Most from the Best Life Coach Training

by | Sep 6, 2018 | Meditation Centers

Even the best life coach training can only do so much if you are not prepared to make the very best of it. To help you get a lot from whatever sort of coaching you need, we offer the following tips:

* Be Open-Minded – The best life coach training does not aim at handing you all of the answers. No one has those for you. Instead, your coach is there to be in partnership with you and listen to what you say while offering advice or guidance. Be sure you emphasize listening rather than judging, arguing or opposing what you hear.

  * Be Consistent – Again, even the best life coach training is not going to pay off if you are not consistent with your coaching sessions. If you have scheduled calls with them, be sure you follow through. Keep on schedule as needed, since your coach is going to expect you to take action and book follow-ups as needed. Though they will be sure to follow up with you about progress and issues discussed, it is your responsibility to let them know of progress, slips or other issues. The only way for coaching to benefit you is if you are consistent in it and with it.

  * Be Action Oriented – One thing your coaching just cannot ever do for you is take action for you. What are you planning to do next to reach goals? Share this with the coach and then do it. They are not only a coach but also an accountability partner and can be great for motivating yourself to take action on your goals or plans.

  * Be Honest – One of the biggest problems that life coaches face is when their clients share only the basic facts of their issue. For example, maybe they want to overcome a certain behavior in their professional life, but don’t give any other details about themselves. Even the world’s best life coach training provider is not going to have a good solution or next step if they don’t know the details of what is going on. If that same client talks about themselves on a more personal level, establishing comfort and letting the coach get to know them a bit, things will be radically better.

If you are eager to work with a successful caring generous life coach, get in touch with Matt O’Grady Coaching. You can work virtually or you can enjoy a “deep dive” into your needs and work with him on any of your life’s goals.

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