eLearning Development: Fast Track to Effective Learning

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Education

In any type of learning program, the primary goals are usually fast and effective retention. There are numerous challenges faced by trainers, educators and learners in achieving these goals, but one solution that has proven to be quite effective is eLearning development.

The Basics of eLearning

The term eLearning encompasses a wide variety of tools, methods and technologies for training and instruction. Some of the most commonly utilized are simulations, games, mobile devices and GPS, among others. There are many other tools and mechanisms that may be used to enhance the eLearning experience, with the end result being a rich and multifaceted multimedia experience.

But what is eLearning development exactly? This refers to the process of creating an educational program that relies in large part on technology. The term was originally used in reference to automated learning systems that enabled students to learn independently via computers. The phrase has since come to encompass a broad variety of learning tools and methods.

Before the term eLearning was coined, computer-based education was referred to as computer-based training or CBT. Even now, eLearning still relies on the use of computers.

The Present and Future of eLearning

To some degree, eLearning development has become part of most any training or teaching program. With all the new technologies available nowadays, employing them as part of a training or educational program has become standard practice.

From computers and hand-held devices to remote instruction and more, the technological component of learning is now more apparent than ever. It could even be said we are nearing the point when all learning will involve eLearning.

Essential Skills for eLearning

The field is wide open for many professionals who wish to become part of the eLearning revolution. Graphic designers, programmers, media practitioners and creative writers are only some of the professionals who can make value contributions.

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