How to get a job teaching English in a foreign country

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Business & Economics

Many people who reside in countries outside the United States and other English speaking nations wish to become proficient in English. These countries look for skilled teachers to come and teach their nationals the language of business, the arts, computers, etc. The net result of this demand is that jobs to teach English in a foreign country are not hard to find, assuming of course that you have the right qualifications and connections. A lot has to do with the country you are interested in teaching in, in some cases the qualifications to teach will have to be acquired in advance, in other situations the qualifications and certification can be had after arrival in the country. In just about all cases a college education is the minimum educational requirements, there are periodically short courses that do not require a degree. Having some teaching experience is also helpful; it is a distinct advantage over those who have never taught, however, if you are fluent in English and keen to accept new, then finding a job teaching overseas is not difficult.

Although there are people in every country those desires to learn the English language, there are regulations that control foreign teachers. In some areas of the world an individual must have very specific qualifications before he or she is allowed to work in the country. From a worldwide point of view, CELTA, Certificate in English language teaching to adults is very recognizable. This certification is also called TEFL, simply Teaching English as a foreign language. Before applying to teach English in a foreign country it is wise to check into which TEFL certifications are acceptable.

There are many jobs in this field available through placement agencies that specialize in this line of work. There are many agencies so it is advisable to seek out others who have dealt with them in the past or people who are currently engaged through the company. This is an excellent way of finding out what the job is like as well as the placement agency.

It is not always necessary to go through an agency; people who are highly qualified can often deal directly with the foreign school. Regardless of whether you apply directly or through an agency it is important to treat your application no different than you would when applying for a job at home; approach the application in a professional manner, representing your qualifications in a positive light.

If you are interested to teach English in a foreign country you will find that when you deal with ESL Job Link that you will be placed in reputable schools enriching the lives of children by teaching them a language that they wish to learn.

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