Heat Press Transfers save Apparel Printers Time and Money

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Business & Economics

If you print apparel in a mall, or are using the printing equipment to supply t-shirts or caps for corporate events, then you understand why heat press transfers are such a popular product. Not only are they easy to use, they enable a screen printing company to offer good quality in what they print while saving time and money.

That’s why we know, at Gulfside Heat Transfers, why heat press transfers are so popular among our customers. We provide customers who use the transfers with a product that makes use of the best inks and papers. By making this commitment, we can assure our customers that the heat press transfers they use will be just as durable as items that are direct-printed. In addition, using the transfers often provides images that look better too.

Gang Sheets

Printer customers of ours who use our heat press transfers can also make use of gang sheets. Gang sheets are groupings of heat press designs that appear together on the same sheet. Selling the sheets allows the apparel printer to economize. These kinds of sheets are suggested for use by league sponsors of community sports and for printing caps.

A Way to Economize

We, at Gulfside Heat Transfers, are proud to offer a transfer product that enables our customers to provide their clients with screen printing services that can be facilitated instantly. When heat press transfers are utilized, shirts or apparel do not have to be printed at once. Instead, transfers make it possible for printing to take place when the apparel arrives. If any item is on backorder then, the printing or transfer can be completed at that time.

Again, we favor manufacturing transfers because of their economical character. By sales of the transfers, we make it possible for our customers to expand their business without difficulty. They can personalize a variety of apparel as well.

Expand Your Base of Customers

Use the transfers to decorate tees and add images or lettering to such apparel as uniforms or clubs, schools and companies. Heat press transfers can be used to personalize products or promote businesses and enable a printing company to expand its service offerings. Usually orders up to 50 items can make use of heat press services.

If you are ready to expand your printing apparel business, you only need to buy a vinyl cutter and take your printing in-house. By using the cutter, you can reduce the amount of turn-around time and increase your profits. Personalization can be facilitated in one day. Expanding your business can also include using a heat press along with pre-cut numbers and letter to adorn uniforms. Personalization of apparel can extend to using names, logos and emblems too. We at Gulfside Heat Transfers can offer the solutions to meet with your customers’ demands.

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