From Hospital to Home Health Care

Many elderly hospital patients opt for home health care upon getting discharged. They can then enjoy returning to the comfort of their homes and well as receiving practical assistance for tasks at home according to their needs. Although home health care in Union County, NJ may often be non-medical, it still plays a vital role in the adjustment from hospital to home as well as in reducing the risk of readmission.

Adjusting to Life at Home

Once the senior returns home from the hospital, there is without doubt a period of adjustment. The surroundings and level of care have significantly changed. Receiving home health care in Union County, NJ makes this adjustment easier.

Caregivers do not offer the medical attention that nurses and hospital staff do. They do, however, perform some tasks that can improve the health and wellbeing of the client and contribute to a faster recovery.

  • Caregivers assist with chores and light housework tasks, walking, as well as bathing and dressing the client as needed. This care and assistance lessens the burden on the client of having to do these things for themselves while they are in recovery or possibly in pain. Knowing that a helping hand is available can greatly improve clients’ quality of life.

  • Caregivers can assist seniors with preparing meals. Good regular nutrition keeps their energy and immune systems up; a fact widely known but often neglected without someone around to care.

  • Caregivers help keep track of clients’ calendars and remind them about important appointments such as doctor check-ups. They can also remind clients to take their prescribed medication, which could be forgotten or neglected without supervision. This type of care is vital to ensure that the client does not end up being readmitted because of poor care.

Home health care allows elderly clients to adjust from hospital life to their homes, without the worry that they might not look after themselves. The job of a caregiver can make a world of difference to the health, wellbeing and safety of the client. Visit Visiting Angels for more information.

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