Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs a Professional Repair

by | Jan 18, 2018 | Plumbing

There is not a homeowner in Saskatoon that wants to pay a plumber to fix something that they can fix themselves. However, when it comes to hot water tanks, there are many repairs that actually require a pro. Here are some signs that you might need to contact a professional in hot water tanks in Saskatoon, SK for your repairs:

There is a Strange Noise that Never Stops

All hot water tanks make noise, but if it keeps going on and on and on, there could be a big problem. In fact, this is a sign that your hot water heater could be at the end of its useful life. These noises often indicate the buildup of minerals or the failure of one of the heating elements.

The Water is Cold

Anytime you get cold water out of your faucets when you expect it to be hot, means an issue with your water heater. Typically, this happens over time, but it could occur suddenly. Usually, when you get cold water instead of hot water, it means that your hot water tank is starting to malfunction.

The Water is Dirty

You also might find that the water is the right temperature, but it is rusty or brown in color. It also might have a metallic taste. This could indicate mineral buildup that is turning into sludge or sediment.

There is Water Around the Tank

Finally, if you see water leaking from the tank or pooling around the tank, this means you should call a plumber, immediately. You should never see water on the floor around the tank, and if you do, it likely means that the tank is corroding. The sooner you call a plumber, the sooner they can make a diagnosis. Sometimes a repair is possible, but other times, you might require a new hot water tank. For more please visit Perfection Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Ltd.

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