Flavored Moonshine Recipes That Can Be Legal

Moonshines have long since been outlawed in the United States because the Federal government makes a lot of money on the taxes associated with alcohol and they don’t want you making your own. However, you can find a wide variety of legal flavored moonshine recipes that call for adding different things to store-bought liquors. Likewise, many breweries make this clear concoction legally for those who prefer to drink it alone or as a cocktail.

If you prefer to make your own, be advised that it could result in fines and legal fees. However, you can find recipes for the base moonshine, and can then add flavors until it tastes the way you want.

Cherry Pie

Moonshines can taste like almost any pie, and who doesn’t love cherry pie? It’s an American tradition, and so may be this as one of your go-to flavored moonshine recipes. You can choose to use Everclear (which is 190-proof) or make your own. It makes 68 ounces, and all you need is 64 ounces total of cherry juice, two cans of tart cherries in heavy syrup, half a cup of white sugar, a liter of Everclear (or your own variety), and containers/mason jars to put them in. Bring everything but the liquor to a boil, stir to ensure everything is dissolved and mixed. Cool the concoction and add the alcohol. Put it in the containers, ensuring that they are clean and sterilized, wait a few weeks (or not) and enjoy.

Strawberry Jam

If you love strawberries and jam, why not make flavored moonshines that reflect those flavors? You can make your own fruit preserves or jam, though you can always go to the store and buy it. You’ll also need some lemons, fruit for the garnish, and almost any type of liquor, even if you prefer. You can also use gin, vodka, and almost anything else that you love to drink by itself. Like us at Facebook

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