Designing Great Panic Rooms In NY

by | Jul 9, 2015 | Fire and Security

There are several reasons why people need panic rooms in NY. Perhaps the most important reason is to remain safe during a home invasion. Even if the police are called, they might not respond fast enough. In such a scenario, it’s up to the people in the home to protect themselves. A panic room can offer just the protection that they need. These rooms are also great during severe storms. Families have used safe rooms to avoid tornadoes and hurricanes. Panic rooms have also been used as shelter during earthquakes. These rooms aren’t just for homeowners. People living in apartments can design panic rooms too.

Several things must be considered when designing Panic Rooms in NY. As with real estate, it’s all about location, location, location when it comes to panic rooms. A panic room has to be built in an area with strong enough interior walls. Reinforcing weak walls usually isn’t good enough. The walls should be structurally strong from the start. Garages are usually good options for panic rooms that can be used as shelter from storms. Basements can also be used as panic rooms in areas where tornadoes are a danger. However, the basement is not an ideal location in flood-prone areas. In general, the ground floor is better than upper levels.

There are other things that make a good safe room. Safe rooms shouldn’t have windows. During storms, the glass could shatter. People could be injured and water may even find its way inside the room. Criminals can also break the glass and gain entry. Concrete is the material of choice for walls. If the walls are wood, they can be reinforced with steel to make them stronger. Bulletproof materials can also be used if people are worried about home invasions or live in a high-crime area. Solid doors should be used since they resist brute force better. Door frames should also be reinforced.

It’s also important to have the room stocked properly. A full-charged cell phone should be in the room. Food, water, and medical supplies should also be inside. Some people even have guns inside their safe rooms to protect themselves in the event criminals are able to get inside.

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