Buying a Baby Rocking Horse

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Business & Economics

Babies love motion. They’re notorious for being soothed by the motion of cars or a mother rocking them to sleep. For babies who enjoy a back-and-forth movement, a rocking horse is an ideal toy. It’s been around for hundreds of years and enjoyed by millions of little ones since the tradition began. So why should you get one for your new infant?

A Baby Rocking Horse Provides Soothing Movement
Mothers everywhere have the instinct to cradle their babies and gently rock them to sleep, providing a comforting presence. Babies naturally enjoy the gentle, soothing motion of back-and-forth rocking toys. It also builds basic motor skills with babies, teaching them to press against the toy to go forward and lean back for a backward motion. Coordination lessons are also provided by the baby rocking horse; children have to maneuver their legs into position and grip the handles.

A Baby Rocking Horse Stirs the Imagination
The traditional baby rocking horse is a horse, but many companies make rocking turtles, puppies, and other animals. In an age where kids’ toys center on electronics, the rocking horse lets toddlers engage in imaginative play. They can pretend to ride their horse to the store, the park, or even the Wild West. Parents should encourage creative and imaginative play, asking their child to pretend to travel on their rocking horse. You never know what your little one will imagine!

A Baby Rocking Horse Provides Exercise Indoors
It’s a proven fact that babies and toddlers thrive on exercise. If your little one wants to go to the park but it’s raining, you can suggest a ride on the rocking horse instead. It’s a great method of getting exercise without having to leave the house. There are few toys that encourage exercise more than the baby rocking horse, which allows children to build motor skills while getting some of that toddler energy out.

A Rocking Horse Is Safe
Plenty of kids’ toys over the years have proven to be unsafe and harmful. Remember the walkers that parents used to put their toddlers in? Hundreds of children fell down stairs and were critically injured. A baby rocking horse has consistently proven to be a safe toy. It’s been used by children for hundreds of years and very few injuries have ever been reported.

Few toys engage the imagination, build motor skills, and provide exercise like the baby rocking horse. While there are thousands of toys on the market, the traditional rocking horse is a great option to get your little one to exercise indoors and engage in creative play. You can get a traditional horse or maybe a bunny rabbit, turtle, or puppy option. Whichever one you choose, your little one will love it. For more information visit gotobaby.


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