Benefits of A Wireless Home Security System in New York City NY

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Business & Economics

When it comes to protecting your home and family, additional protection is a must. Whether you live in the heart of a city that is high in crime or on the outskirts where little ever happens, there is absolutely no way to tell when trouble will strike. While having any form of protection is better than none at all, many homes are switching to a wireless home security system in New York City, NY. The cost a bit more than “noise makers” or wired systems, but they also provide a lot more benefits which far outweigh the costs.

Aesthetically Appealing

One of the main reasons people are switching to wireless security systems is that they are more aesthetically appealing. Technicians do not have to drill holes in the wall and run wires throughout your property to provide you with the protection you want. This means less wear and tear on your property, and no unsightly holes and cords hanging from all locations. The installation is also a lot simpler when done wirelessly.

More Convenient Placement

Wired security systems meant that the system had to be installed in locations where there was electrical wiring. Depending on how the electrical system is set up in your home, this could mean that your motion sensors, and keypads are installed in areas that are really inconvenient for you to access. Wireless systems however, allow for the access points to be installed wherever you feel is most easy to get to in the midst of an emergency.


Homes that have wired security systems in the home have to leave the systems on the premises when they get ready to move. They would have to have an installer come out and install a new security system in their new home. However, wireless systems can easily be removed and transported with you to your new home.

A wireless Home Security System in New York City NY, provides residence with more conveniences than previous security systems. It provides enhanced security features, will protecting the things you care about most from the potential dangers that lie outside. For more information on home security systems and installation services, contact Top Alarm Company.

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