3 Reasons Montana Farmers Need Swathers

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Business

Agriculture is Montana’s largest industry, and just like everywhere, farmers must face region-specific challenges in this state. Farmers in Montana and elsewhere in the northern U.S. and Canada have come to rely on a specific piece of equipment, the swather (sometimes called a “windrower”) to meet their environment’s demands. Here are three reasons why you might want to look for a swather for sale in Montana.

Wheat dominates within Montana’s agricultural industry

Wheat and cattle are the top products cultivated in Montana, reports the Great Falls Tribune. The swather is a piece of farm equipment that cuts wheat stems and deposits them in a windrow. Because wheat is such a popular cash crop in this state, the need for swathers is high.

Montana has a short growing season

According to CareerTrend.com, the short growing season in the northern U.S. means that wheat does not have enough time to dry before harvesting. With a swather, farmers can cut wheat stems and leave them to dry in a neat row before the ultimate combining and harvesting.

Swathers are also used in hay production

It’s not just the wheat industry that relies on swathers in Montana. Swathers are also used to cut hay and organize it neatly to facilitate a swift drying time. Many swathers can be used for either hay, wheat, or other grains, although you will probably have to switch out parts within your swather to ensure correct performance with each crop.

If you are a farmer who is either just starting out or moving from one region to another, it can be difficult to learn what your new environment needs and discern what equipment your local competition is using. Now that you understand why grain growers are looking for swathers for sale in Montana, you can purchase the farm machinery you need for success.

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