3 Reasons to Use Destin Pontoon Rentals

Are you a Florida resident out for a great day on the beach? How about a tourist who is taking advantage of the amazing Florida coast? Are you looking for a fun, relaxing, and high quality way to check out the scenery and enjoy the ocean? If so, then you should check out the Destin Pontoon Rentals. These top of the line boats offer an amazing array of great features at a great cost.

Luxury on the Blue, Rolling Waves

These Destin Pontoon Rentals are of the highest quality in fun aquatic transportation. With enough room for a full dozen people, it offers the luxurious feel of cushioned leather seats and ample leg room. If you are looking for a relaxing time floating out among the waves, then this boat has what you need: an extendable Bimini shade cover. If you want to get out and swim, there is an extendable ladder. If you plan on just cruising around, then you can enjoy the quiet sound of the four stroke motor and the wind on your face. For a small group, there is no better choice than a pontoon boat. Visit website for more details.

An Affordable, Inclusive Price

With so many boat rental companies in the area, it is best to look for the one with the best price. This rental service will let you take a pontoon boat out for a full day for $250. Or, if you only need it for some of that time, you can take it for a half day for $150. The best part is that this price is all inclusive, so you do not need to worry about paying for the gasoline.

Aquatic Transportation to Amazing Sights

A pontoon boat will get you the best luxury transportation to the great sights around this area of ocean. If you are into snorkeling, you can check out the sea near Noriega Point, where fish and dolphins frequent. You can travel to Choctawatchee bay to look at the varied species of birds that live there. You can also wait until low tide, so that you can search the coastline for old Native American artifacts like arrowheads or pottery.

There are many great reasons to consider renting a pontoon boat. To get more information, contact Xtreme H20.

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