How to Make the Most of Wedding Ceiling Lights

Whether your wedding is in a few days, a few months or a few years, you’re probably fully invested in creating the perfect setup for your big day in every possible way. One of the best methods of creating a great mood for your wedding is by renting a fitting set of wedding ceiling lights in Fort Worth. Just like with a play, a movie or a restaurant venue, using just the right lighting can boost the mood of your wedding tenfold. Here are some ideas for how you can stage your lighting for your wedding day.

Hanging Bulbs

Hanging bulbs are one of the most popular forms of wedding ceiling lights in Fort Worth as well as across the country. You can find them in many different styles, from plain light bulbs suspended from wires to bulbs of a myriad of other shapes. This makes it easy to browse around for a style you like. Due to their relative simplicity, hanging bulbs are the easiest types of wedding ceiling lights in Fort Worth to implement, and can add just the right splash of brightness to your wedding ceremony or reception. Dangle them above the altar to spotlight your vows, or right above the dance floor to make your first dance that much more glamorous!

Sheath of Lights

There are multiple ways to get creative with string lights. Line them up in a row along a wall to create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos. Alternatively, you can gather numerous strings of wedding ceiling lights and weave them together to create one big net, then suspend the net from the ceiling. This is a fantastic variation of the usual uses for string lights, and will create a beautiful starry sky effect.

Dangling Lanterns

Lanterns are known for creating a festive touch for any event, making them a great option for wedding venues. String them up all along the ceiling and walls of your reception venue to enhance the celebration!

For more ideas on how to utilize wedding ceiling lights in Fort Worth, get in touch with the Christmas Company by calling (817)-629-8404 or visiting their website.

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