Why You Should Invest in a Sewer Camera For Your Plumbing Business

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Business

One of the most important pieces of equipment a plumbing business can have is a sewer camera so you can actually see what the sewer lines look like. When a customer calls with a clogged drain, it’s hard to diagnose the problem without actually seeing it. A camera can help you do your job, which will lead to happier clients.

  • Better Identification of the Problem:

When drain and sewer lines get clogged, it is often difficult to determine the cause because it is somewhere deep inside the pipes. It could be by kitchen grease buildup, roots penetrating the line or some other blockage. Lines that are in the walls or underground are hard to view externally without costly work. Using sewer cameras and reels can save you from having to try to make the repair blindly without knowing the full situation, which could result in property damage and a lot of extra work when trying to repair the problem. Because the camera is on a reel that is designed to pass through even small crevices, you can easily get clearer picture of the problem. The camera also means that you can check your work afterward to guarantee the problem is eliminated.

  • Plumber Safety:

Another advantage of using sewer cameras is that it helps keep plumbers safely above ground. When a technician can’t see the problem inside the pipe, he may be forced to go under buildings or into small crevices and crawl spaces to try to diagnose the problem. Not only are these undesirable working conditions, but being able to quickly diagnose blockages and issues with a camera also ultimately improves work efficiency, and allows the repair work to get done more quickly and completely.

  • Customer Satisfaction:

When customers can see the problem that needs to be repaired, you don’t have to convince them based on guesswork. Because the job can be checked for doneness, your clients can be assured that their money was well-spent. Using cameras and reels builds customer trust in the repair job that you are doing, and stimulates repeat customers and referrals.

What to do When Your Camera Reel Needs Repair

Once you have taken the step to invest in a Ridgid camera, you will want to preserve that investment. At some point there may be an issue with your camera reel that needs to be repaired. Duracable is factory trained and authorized to repair Ridgid camera reels, locators, transmitters and monitors. The Duracable Camera Repair Service Center is located in West Des Moines, IA, and we will make repairs for businesses located in the contiguous 48 states.

To have your Ridgid camera reel serviced at the Duracable Service Center, complete and submit the Camera Repair Request Form. We will contact you with a return authorization number to include with your shipment and shipping instructions on sending in your camera repair. Our goal is to repair and return your camera reel to you as quickly as possible because we know how much your camera means to your business. Trust your Ridgid camera reel repairs to Duracable to keep your plumbing business running smoothly!

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