What To Look For When Ordering Specialty Fasteners

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Business

Change is constant in industry. The goal of any top fastener company is to keep evolving to meet the needs of their customers, which includes providing custom made fasteners for specialized applications.

Top companies will develop specialty fasteners for the automotive, telecommunication, electronic, and aerospace industries as well as to the military. The company’s years of experience in the fastener industry as well as emphasis on staying ahead of the competition are critical if you need a special part designed and manufactured.

When you need a specialty part, including fasteners and hardware, start by finding a company with experience in custom design, years of experience in the fastener industry, as well as a top reputation. The reputation of the company for quality parts, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and engineering and design support really cannot be overstated.


Experience both in the design and engineering of new concepts in specialty fasteners is critical. However, you also want to choose a custom manufacturer with a proven track record of a top on-time delivery rating. Depending on your needs you may also require the ability to complete a small order without the need to order tens of thousands of parts to make up a minimum order.

Look for a company with engineering expertise and experience not just in fasteners, but also in related hardware needs. Consider the range of industries and services the company has worked with in the past, which will typically be provided on the fastener company website. Through working with companies with ISO9100 and AS9100 certification in the US you have the knowledge and confidence you are working with a top fastener manufacturer.

Pricing and Delivery

Often with a custom part an existing option in a fastener may just require a slight modification to become the perfect match for your needs. Understanding how to complete these modifications for the most cost effective production is just one of the many ways a top fastener manufacturing company can be of assistance in pricing and bringing a project in within the budget.

Low, reasonable and feasible pricing and support through development, design and production of just the right fastener for your needs is really the hallmark of a top manufacturing company. With top quality fasteners available at competitive prices and with on time delivery you really can’t go wrong with any custom or specialty fasteners order.

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