What is An Asbestos Inspector?

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Business

Asbestos alone is a hazardous material which can be damaging to any new home owner’s health. Before buying a home, hiring an asbestos inspector can collect evidence to detect whether asbestos is in fact located in the home. Asbestos was not banned until the later 1970’s, and usually any home built before then will contain insulation, or sprayed based surfacing that contains this toxic mix of chemicals. When an inspector has located asbestos within a home, typically ceiling tiles are the number one area that contain the insulation fibers. This professional has been trained to collect and identify sections of the house that easily could hold asbestos. Anything from caulking, tiles, siding, roof shingles, insulation, gaskets, and joint compounds.

Why is Asbestos Hazardous?

Because asbestos fibers are smaller than a human hair strand, inhaling asbestos can be detrimental to an individual’s health. Once these fibers are inhaled the main health concern is that these fibers pass through the mucus surface in the nasal passageway, on to the lungs. Sadly, human bodies are not compelled to reject, or fight off asbestos once the fibers enter through the lungs. Emergency surgery will be needed. Otherwise these three common diseases Lung Cancer, Asbestosis and Mesothelioma will thrive. Asbestos even though found dangerous in the late 1970’s was continued through certain compounds well into the 1990’s. Nowadays most homes are found to house asbestos, however, before buying a new home be sure to contact an asbestos inspector.

What Are Symptoms of Inhaled Asbestos?

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Some individuals have described suffering an incident of asthma like attacks contributed by inhaling asbestos. Because the fibers are smaller than the human eye can detect, once these fibers are in the lungs, the fibers scar the inner lining. Ever noticed a slight dry, or wheeze like breath and continue to experience these episodes? Contact an asbestos inspector in Santa Ana, CA today to see if asbestos is the cause. No one knows unless a professional has identified that the probable case is in fact asbestos floating in the air. For more information visit Home Front Inspect.

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