What is a Servo Control System?

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Electrical

The best way to think of a servo control system is as the heart of a servo system. It consists mostly of a motor, feedback device and the controller itself. The controller itself generates commands to send to the motor in the form of a motion profile. Servo systems are what are known as a closed-loop system, which provides for many benefits over an open-looped one. These include things like improved transient response times, reduce steady state errors and reduce system sensitivity to load parameters.

What Can They Do?

There are two basic types of jobs that a servo controller performs, which include tracking some commanded input and improving a systems disturbance rejection. It is a system that is either electro mechanical or hydraulic and it can follow a position, speed or time in a closed loop fashion. This of course allows for a fully automated process that is both accurate, efficient and speedy.

The Basics of Manufacturing

It would be almost impossible to name an automated manufacturing process today that doesn’t involve a step motor system. They allow for incredible accuracy and a low rate of error and machine confusion. This of course allows the production of your product to carry on unhindered by downtimes and breakdowns. It is an incredibly efficient way to get the job done with little to no errors in creation. From car companies to hard drive manufacturing, there is really no limit to how these simple motors have revolutionized the world we live in.

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