What Does A Dog Walker In NYC Do?

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Pets

Most people probably don’t wonder what a dog walker in NYC does, because they know they walk dogs. However, if they are professional walkers, they won’t just put them on a leash and take them to the park. They do so much more, and it may be beneficial to find out what that is, so you can make a more informed decision when choosing one for your faithful pet. Good walkers will have a vast knowledge of dogs and be able to anticipate their needs, among other things.


While some may just put on a leash and go, it is necessary to know which breeds work well together, especially if they handle more than one pet per walk. Some dogs are reactive while some have behavioral issues. Both of these types of dogs could cause problems when near others. As a professional, it is up to them to know that they are capable and confident to handle that pet while it is in their care. Otherwise, they risk putting other pets or people in harms’ way. You are going to rely on them to keep your pet happy and safe while in their care, so they should have that knowledge.

Anticipate Needs

Because they are more knowledgeable than others, they will be able to anticipate the needs of their charges. However, it can still be difficult to do, and some walkers may be deemed “pros” and still have trouble. Some pets have a high prey-drive, meaning that everything is considered to be attacked. This can include squirrels, cats and people, along with other dogs. Knowing this can ensure their safety and the safety of others. The professional will keep them on a closer leash and be ready for those outbursts, so they aren’t dragged down the street and end up injured.


While it is usually best to hire a pet trainer, if they are still learning, the dog walker in NYC may reinforce proper training and manners. For example, if they tell your pet to sit, and he obeys, they may offer a pat on the head or a small treat, with your permission. Sometimes, being obedient is the best thing for walkers, because they regularly deal with untrained or bad-mannered pets.

They likely walk around with training treats, which can get the pet’s attention and help them learn the basics that they should know.

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