What Can You Do With A Data Science Certificate?

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Business

If you are interested in the field of data science, including business analytics and big data, you have three different options for receiving some level of specific training.

Your Options

The most common option is to get training on the job. This may include an employer sending you to a workshop or professional development training, or perhaps bringing in a trainer to do some work with your specific department or group. Additionally, this type of training may include self-study through reading, trying open source software online on your own time, or perhaps participating in online trainings, webinars, or reading a book on the subject.

The other two options include more structured types of training. The most costly and the most demanding of your time is to complete a graduate or an undergraduate degree in data science, which can take years.

At RSquare Edge in New York, we offer a much short term solution to achieve a CDAP or Certified Data Analytics Practitioner certification. This is a 12-week data science certificate that will immerse students in statistics, big data, business analytics, computers and software as well as business management essentials and advanced topics.

The Benefits of our CDAP to your Resume

With our RSquare Edge CDAP data science certificate from our New York training center, you have the skills and the knowledge you need to start to work immediately in the field of data analysis.

However, you will also have the theory and the practical skills in relevant computer software, surveying, data integrity, communication, business strategies, project management and technologies to allow you to go far beyond just basic functions and data science.

Our RSquare Edge reputation in the business community is unparalleled, and many of our past students have been employed by a Fortune 500 company or a unique startup business before they have even completed our training program. This allows them to literally go right from our training to the job they always wanted.

Jobs after Completion

Virtually all sectors of industry have a need for big data and business data analytics professionals. Students completing a data science certificate may find work in New York or across the country in industries from waste management to retail sales to IT and research companies.

With the increasing emphasis on big data as a driving force in business decisions, the sky is really the limit in finding employment. You will find data analysis everywhere today, and the demand just keeps growing.

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