What Can New Jersey Fire Protection Services Offer You?

by | May 13, 2016 | Fire and Security

Fires can be devastating, and they can wreak havoc on commercial establishments that have large amounts of inventory or sensitive records on-site. Making sure you have adequate commercial fire protection services in NJ is not only a legal obligation, but it is also important for your safety and the safety of your clients, as well. Fire protection services will ensure that you are fully covered in the event a fire occurs. You’ll be thankful you have such protection in place if the unthinkable happens to your commercial business.

Fire Sprinkler Installations and Inspections

It may seem like a trivial task, but fire sprinkler installation is actually essential. Fire protection companies have experts who are able to install your fire sprinkler systems to ensure that they are located in the right areas within your facility. With the sprinklers strategically placed, there will be less of a chance of fire spreading. They will also offer regular inspections to ensure your sprinklers are in good working condition at all times. This allows them to maintain and keep your sprinklers up to state standards while keeping you safe from the danger of fire.

Keep Your Fire Pump Up to Code

If your premise has a fire pump, it is required that you have it inspected regularly. It is important that they are always ready to work in case of a fire. Fire-protection services will keep it maintained and repaired if any faulty parts are found during an inspection. Fire pumps need to always be well maintained so that it is up to code; otherwise you might be fined for negligence. It’s a good rule of thumb to keep your premise up to the fire code.

Fire Hydrant Inspections Are Important

Fire protection services will also offer fire hydrants inspections to ensure they are ready to use in emergencies. Fire hydrants have to always be unobstructed incase firefighters need to use them. The fire protection professionals can help you maintain your fire hydrant and repair any damages to make sure it does not have any fire code violations. Maintenance can involve clearing the area by pruning any vegetation around or even minor digging depending on where it is located. Local fire codes can be quite demanding at times, but fire protection professionals are here to make your life easier by helping you keep everything up to code.

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