U.S. Water Utility Management Systems

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Water utility management services throughout the United States are affected by aging infrastructures, complicated regulatory rules, increased costs, and changes in populations. The Environmental Protection Agency continues to work with utility service providers to jointly promote healthy water utility management services and products for homes and commercial usage.

Utility Management Services Work Together
Utility management companies, no matter their size, budget, or specific requirements, are constantly working to implement strategies, techniques, and methodologies, to give users a healthy water system for years to come. After all, the public depends on water for cooking, drinking, carrying away waste, and other domestic needs. Water utility management companies must fulfill quality, quantity, and treatment requirements for systems which are piped to commercial, industrial, and public environments.

Where is Earth’s Water?
The creation of water is done deep beneath the Earth’s surface, but it is not in liquid form. Its natural depth is around 400 miles and it is embedded in minerals and in pockets of magma, made up of hydrogen and oxygen). Most of Earth’s million cubic miles of liquid water are found in ice caps, oceans, and glaciers. With so little fresh water available to us, makes utility management services a vital lifesaving process.

How Much Water Is Available For A City?
The areas which supply surface runoff to rivers and lakes are called drainage, a watershed, or catchment area. The volume of water which is available for a city’s municipal needs, depends on the amount of rain that they receive. It also depends on the size of the watershed, the slope of the ground, soil, and vegetation, as well as how the ground or land is used.

For groundwater, an aquifer is a great water source because of its layer level and rock/stone stratum. Water is drawn from an aquifer by pumping it out of a well, which contains pipes which are outlayed in varying directions from the bottom of a huge vertical shaft. Wells for public water supplies, are usually about 100 feet deep to penetrate the large aquifers which can yield a good quality of water.

Utility Managers Saves You Money
Not only do utility management companies work hard to bring clean water to our systems, but they work efficiently to protect customers from high utility expenses. Utility managers perform studies, perform analyses, and conduct audits to protect customers from errors or overcharges, while using water utility readings to match cost effective rate structures for their customers.

ABT Saves You Money and Provides Quality Water
The ABT Water Company of Wisconsin, has been delivering high quality and reliable drinking water and well-water to customers, using advanced, money saving meters for manufactured housing and its industries, since 1992. ABT’s experienced technicians are trained in the testing and treatment of excessive minerals, aggressive water, and more. ABT has a wide range of water utility management services for other regions of Wisconsin to help lower your costs. You can find out more when you browse their Facebook and Twitter web pages.

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