Tips for What to do with Those Old Wine Crates

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Wine Store

Wine crates for sale in Calgary are pretty easy to come by and if you buy them and have them delivered to your door on a regular basis, well those old wine crates can certainly start to stack up against the walls of the garage. You don’t really want to throw them away and you don’t have too. Read on below for a few of the tips for things to do with those old wine crates you have just lying around.

They Make Attractive Pet Feeders

If you cut two holes in the wine crates for sale in Calgary that you bought recently and put the two bowls in the top, they will make very attractive pet feeders and prevent spillage and a mess on the floor of your home or even on your property.

A Simple, but Effective Pet Bed

Tired of having your pet hog the bed all night or getting pet hair all over the furniture? Turn a wine crate into a pet bed for them instead. Make sure to create a lowered opening for your pet to come in and out of, add some bedding that is soft and comfortable, and your pet will have a secure bed that is all his own and you can get your bed back as well.

A Toy Box that Rolls

A toy box that rolls is probably something you would pay a pretty price for in the store, so why not make your own.

These are just a few of the uses for those wine crates you have laying around your home. For more information on wine crates for sale in Calgary, and to have you wine delivered right to your front door, contact the professionals at Buzz Buddy for help.

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