Things You Need for a Towable Tube

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Water Sports

If you’re planning on taking your towable tube out for a spin soon, then you need the right gear with you. Taking the right precautions when using towable tubes is the best thing that you can do for your friends and family.

Generally, the types of accessories that you choose will depend upon the size of your party and how many people you plan on taking on the towable tube. The more people, the stronger the accessories should be.

Here are a few of the best items to have on hand for your towable tubes for boating:

A Rope for the Towable Tube

To tow the tube, the first accessory you are going to need is a rope. When choosing a rope, you need to be especially careful since not all ropes are able to withstand certain weights. Therefore, you need to estimate the weight being towed and find a rope that identifies with that specific weight or higher.

Another quality to review when choosing a rope is the type of material it is made of. If you are concerned, then choose a heavy-duty material that is least prone to breakage and wear.

An Inflation Pump

Having an air pump on hand is imperative. With an air pump, you can inflate the towable tube for boating easily, efficiently, and with as little struggle as possible. For the easiest inflation, it is best to choose an electric option so you don’t manually need to pump air into the tube.

Not only can an air pump help you when you need to inflate the tube, but it also is useful when the tube loses air while you’re out on the water. If this happens, just remove the tube, patch the point where the air is streaming from and then add more air.

A Bunch of Toys

Toys aren’t really a necessity, but they are necessary if you are looking to make your tubing experience even more fun. A few of the best toys to choose from that most people love include Frisbees and water-friendly floating balls.

For your convenience, it is also useful to have a towable storage unit or a mesh carrier. This will enable you to take the accessories that you need with you, without having to carry them on the towable. Many of these accessories also come in packages, which may be more economical.

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