Things You Should Not Throw In a Rented Dumpster in Hartford CT

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Waste Management

The cleaning of a garage will normally result in generation of large amounts of refuse. If you are using a rented dumpster, you will have to sort out your refuse. This is because some of it may not be allowed into the Dumpster Hartford CT. Below are some of the items that should not be thrown in rented dumpsters:

1. Wet paint: If part of your refuse is comprised of empty cans of paint, you must ensure that the paint therein is dry. If the cans have some considerable amounts of paints, you should drain it first before drying the cans in readiness for disposal.
2. Car batteries: These materials are completely disallowed in dumpsters. This is because they might be containing hazardous chemicals that may wreak havoc. These items can however be accepted if they are drained off all the acid in them.
3. Propane tanks: These tanks are also not allowed into the Dumpster Hartford CT. This is because of their obvious dangerous nature when being handled. You should read the laws of your state carefully to learn how such items ought to be disposed.
4. Fluids: Any fluids, whether harmful or not should not find their way into rented dumpsters. This is because such fluids may react with other solid wastes, yielding dangerous chemicals.

The above items are disallowed in order to safeguard the safety of the workers as well as the environment in general. The workers will however not hesitate to advice you on how to safely dispose most of the wastes they disallow into their dumpsters. You should not use guess work to try and dispose of some of these dangerous items. Before burning anything, you should read the warnings on the can.

For efficient and timely services, you require to engage with a reputable company. When vetting potential service providers, you need to assess the state of their dumpsters as well as their customer services.

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