The Difference Between a Handyman and a Professional AC Contractor Colorado Springs

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Air Conditioning/Heating

A handyman is great for odd jobs around the house, such as fixing a loose step or painting the garage. They are usually inexpensive and that saves you money on the things you don’t know how to or don’t have time to do. There are times when a handyman is perfect for the job. There are also times when a handyman can do more harm than good. Your handyman is not a trained professional and should not be fixing your major appliances. In fact, you can end up spending more money on repairs because you have to pay twice for them. Once for the handyman to attempt repairs and then again for a professional AC Contractor Colorado Springs to come in and do it right.

Your manufacturer warranty can be voided if repairs are done by a handyman and not a certified technician. You will want to review your specific warranty to know for sure. A handyman is good at a lot of tasks, but is not likely to have extensive experience in any one area. An AC Contractor Colorado Springs who has been in business awhile has a lot of experience with all types of air conditioning systems. That certified person can inspect your system, repair it, and keep it maintained so it operates at full capacity. If you need a new one, he or she can recommend the best unit for your needs and install it. A high quality, energy efficient system can save you hundreds of dollars a year in utility bills and help defray the cost of the new unit.

Find an AC Contractor Colorado Springs that can install and repair any type of system you want. You may want to upgrade your air conditioner unit and get central air conditioning put in your home. You may want to try a roof top air conditioning unit for your business. A contractor, such as Parkeys Heating and Air Conditioning, for example, can answer any questions you have about the pros and cons of the system you are considering. It is not likely that your handyman can do that. Visit website to get more details.

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