The Best Freebies Are the Ones That People Actually Use

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Business

For some people, the best part of going to a trade show is collecting freebies.  Perhaps you know someone whose refrigerator is wallpapered with magnets collected from trade shows.  Maybe every pen in your house has a business logo on it, and all the pens cost you a grand total of zero.  But the best freebies should be practical, things people actually use.  How many keyrings, lanyards, paperweights, and stress-relieving squishy toys does a person need?  Freebie enthusiasts and minimalists who hate to accumulate stuff can agree that Personalized Water Bottles are a most excellent trade show favor.

You Can’t Go Wrong with Water

60 percent of our body weight is made up of water.  Physicians recommend drinking 64 ounces of the stuff per day. Alexa Springs makes Water Bottles with Custom Labels for businesses to distribute at trade shows. After all, almost everyone gets thirsty while walking around among the trade booths for a whole day. With Private Label Water, they can stay hydrated without having to go to a convenience store or back to their hotel rooms to get a drink.  At the very least, they will remember the thoughtful gesture from your business.  Even better, the environmentally conscious visitors will reuse the water bottle with your label on it.

As trade show beverages go, Personalized Water Bottles are the best choice.  Hand out diet soda, and you will alienate everyone except baby boomers.  Distribute fancy organic chia drinks, and hipsters will respond while everyone else thinks you’re pretentious.  Juice boxes do a great job of displaying logos, but they give off too much of a manic pixie dream girl vibe.  It’s best to stick with basic water bottles and use them to promote your business.

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